Your company needs a new website and here’s why

You want people to know that your business stays current and in-touch with what’s important to your customers. The best investment you can make on brand awareness is a sharp, contemporary website with relevant content. This is where most clients meet your business and first impressions stick – unless you have an outdated website that they click right past.

A great website generate leads and converts them to sales

A well-designed website is the best and least expensive way to attract the attention of prospective clients. Honestly, if your competition’s site looks better than yours, that’s a problem. Use content that relates to your product or service, so that customers come to your site to answer questions on how to use and purchase your products.

So, make sure you have an appealing web presence that’s up and running 365 days a year. This is the best way to generate leads and convert them to sales. Here are a few tricks to get you headed in the right direction to wow clients and overwhelm the competition.

Designing an amazing new website

There’s a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, the harsh reality is that better-looking websites get the best customers – those who are engaged, invested and fiercely loyal to your brand.

It’s not all about glossy photos of beautiful people promoting your products. Relevant content that users connect with keeps your site on their favorites list longer and earns staying power through shares. Keeping content fresh is all key to building an authentic site. So, if you have articles on your site from five years ago, it’s time to commission fresh content.

In fact, according to, users make a decision on how credible your company is based on the information on your website.

Top-notch user experience is vital

Keep it simple and they will come. Ask yourself the following questions about your website. HINT: The correct answer is yes.

  • Is the purpose of your site clear?
  • Can users navigate to menus and links easily? Get back to the home page easily?
  • Is your brand presence pervasive in the font, color scheme, and overall look and feel?
  • Do you share targeted, useful content with prospective customers?
  • Does the page load in less than two seconds?

For every no to each of the above questions, you need a fast turnaround plan to improve your conversion rate now.

How mobile-friendly is your web presence?

Google reports that 50 percent of searches are conducted on mobile devices. In fact, Google has been penalizing the rankings for companies that don’t offer a mobile-friendly website. They do this by searching for your website on mobile devices and ranking the site based on the usability of the mobile version.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to invest in your mobile presence, think about this. Google also reports that people spend twice as much time (more than four hours) browsing on their devices than on a desktop. So, make your site more mobile-friendly than the competition.

SEO considerations

According to marketing guru Neil Patel, 90 percent of internet users begin with a search engine. However, fewer results will be showing in the future. That doesn’t really matter since 75 percent of searchers don’t bother to look past the first page of results.

Google discourages proactively attracting links to your page. The theory is that if you have great content, people will want to link to it. So, quality content is the key to better rankings and getting coveted links on other pages. The more links you have back to your content, the higher your Google ranking goes.

Bottom Line

Designing an attractive website that generates great user buzz is difficult. The payoff, though, is enormous. Update your page to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and bump up your company’s profit margin.